Moved to tears

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  11. The previous poster finds what s/he terms our “glorifying rape fantasies” “deeply disturbing”. It sounds almost as though she is accusing us of glorifying actual rape. I do hope not. I am not altogether sure what might be meant by glorifying rape fantasies. To glorify means to make something seem more pleasant or desirable (or important) than it actually is. Evidently many women enjoy such fantasies so perhaps our correspondent merely wishes to express disapproval of this fact?
  13. But then, if it is indeed the case that “they work for this woman because it's a way of dealing with what was done to her”, is the poster suggesting that Jayda should not explore the rape fantasies that she finds helpful or otherwise a source of joy in her life? Is it wrong for rape victims to work through what happened to them in this way if they want to? Why? Is it wrong for rape victims to overcome any issues they may have as a result of having been raped, or is it only wrong for them to do so in this way? Is it wrong not to be or remain a victim if you have been raped?
  15. There is something very wrong somewhere if it is actually considered wrong not to be destroyed by vile abusive experiences. This is in no way to criticise rape victims who do not manage to overcome the trauma and are psychologically scarred for life – not at all! But to suggest that a woman who has managed to find a way not to be destroyed by a real rape, has thereby done the wrong thing, seems to me to be positively pernicious.

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