How come none of the hook-ups were relationship

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  10. “I think women often wonder why men stereotypically won’t ‘commit’. For me, I am more scared of DIVORCE than marriage.”
  12. I wonder how many women are single because they give off a cheater/cuckolder/EPL/ruin your life some day vibe.
  14. 34Maggie March 20, 2012 at 9:00 pm
  15. @Charm
  17. How many 18 year-old college freshman are adults? Very few. I live in a college town and have a lot of interaction with the students. They are delightful but as freshmen they are still children. The next few years are a time of dramatic growth for them.
  19. How do you know that at 18 when she started hooking up she was aware of how her promiscuous behavior would maker her look? My daughter in high school tells me that the girls who hook up are the most popular in the school — for now. It might be too early for them to have faced the consequences yet.
  21. I think she has a bigger problem then a bad rep and that is her low self-esteem that most likely led to this behavior in the first place. Really, unless she gave someone guy an STD, who beside herself has she hurt?
  23. I don’t think she is a lost cause, not at all. Alcholics give up drinking, drug addicts go straight, there is no reason why she can’t change.
  25. None of us is perfect. I believe in redemption and I’ve seen a lot of it. She’s not even through 1/4 of her life, it’s ridiculous to write her off.
  27. 35WarmWoman March 20, 2012 at 9:02 pm
  28. I can understand why she has a hard time saying no. I don’t know this girl’s background, but child sexual abuse and rape victims often are programmed to not know how to assert themselves during unwanted sex. Some people freeze in situations that require confrontation. She needs to learn that she doesn’t owe anybody anything. Just because she had a hook-up in the past with a man doesn’t mean she has to keep doing it.

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