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  1. [22:32:59] <pitriss> Hi, please is possible to limit chat messages lenght in engine to some reasonable value?
  2. [22:33:28] <VanessaE> they already are.
  3. [22:33:36] <VanessaE> 512 chars or some such
  4. [22:33:47] <pitriss> Liberly land server was spammed by 9k+ message
  5. [22:34:12] <VanessaE> update your server then?
  6. [22:34:24] <pitriss> when it was introduced?
  7. [22:34:28] <sapier> amount of messages isn't limited
  8. [22:34:40] <VanessaE> sapier: you sure?  I could swear such a filter was added ages ago
  9. [22:34:57] <pitriss> wait i will bring here server owner
  10. [22:34:57] <sapier> no not sure but I think only length of message is limited
  11. [22:35:24] <sapier> but a mod kicking abusive users wouldn't be a big deal
  12. [22:35:29] <sapier> so I don't see this to be something to be fixed in core
  13. [22:35:57] --> sol_invictus has joined this channel (
  14. [22:36:51] <pitriss> VanessaE: sol_invictus is liberty land owner,.. he have more informations
  15. [22:37:14] <VanessaE> pitriss: ok.
  16. [22:39:58] <VanessaE> ShadowNinja: ^^^^^^  ?
  17. [22:40:10] <VanessaE> sol_invictus reports the server to be only a few days old.
  18. [22:40:28] <VanessaE> so either that cutoff was not added or it's broken
  19. [22:43:26] <sapier> well I can't remember about limiting number of messages
  20. [22:48:00] <sapier> and there ain't a limitation in code
  21. [22:48:29] <sapier> yet a mod doing this would be quite simple
  22. [22:50:15] <pitriss>
  23. [22:51:22] <VanessaE> there was such a proposal at one time (hence my pinging SN.  he was working on such)
  24. [22:51:29] --> Miner_48er has joined this channel (~Miner_48e@
  25. [22:51:57] <sapier> working? even a full featured mod doing this was hardly more then an hour of work
  26. [22:52:28] <exio4> limit in the engine, iirc
  27. [22:52:35] <VanessaE> well it went along with some other patches he had in mind
  28. [22:52:56] <sapier> so if he did start he most likely would've completet it by now
  29. [22:53:05] <sapier> well we don't need this to be "in core"
  30. [22:53:09] <VanessaE> it belongs in core.
  31. [22:53:11] <sapier> why?
  32. [22:53:12] <VanessaE> every last server owner will need it.
  33. [22:53:28] <VanessaE> that's why.
  34. [22:53:38] <sapier> oh so a server owner running a private server for his two friends and himself will need it?
  35. [22:53:39] <VanessaE> yep ;0
  36. [22:53:46] <VanessaE> :)
  37. [22:53:48] <sapier> for sure ;-P
  38. [22:54:27] <VanessaE> but you know what I meant :P
  39. [22:54:29] <sapier> well if he does implement it fine but it's quite ugly to do this in core while it's almost no code to be done in lua
  40. [22:55:28] <VanessaE>
  41. [22:55:29] <VanessaE> there it is.
  42. [22:55:57] <VanessaE> and some of the discussion that surrounded it:
  43. [22:56:07] <sapier> that doesn't limit the amount of messages vanessae
  44. [22:56:09] <VanessaE> sapier: it's not the amount that needed limited.
  45. [22:56:25] <VanessaE> it's the length.
  46. [22:56:26] <VanessaE> one message, 9K in length.
  47. [22:56:54] <sapier> he didn't write that
  48. [22:57:00] <VanessaE> [08-23 16:36] <pitriss> Hi, please is possible to limit chat messages lenght in engine to some reasonable value?
  49. [22:57:08] <VanessaE> "chat messages length"
  50. [22:57:11] <VanessaE> I read that as "length of a chat message"
  51. [22:57:29] <VanessaE> not the count of messages
  52. [22:57:42] <VanessaE> pitriss: clarify please?
  53. [22:58:20] <sapier> wasn't therere already some limitation? ... ok u16 ... 65k
  54. [22:58:29] <VanessaE> yeah
  55. [22:58:36] <VanessaE> 65k....  is ridiculous.
  56. [22:58:39] <VanessaE> no one's screen can hold that much
  57. [22:59:04] <pitriss> I really think there should be some limit in lenght.. and it should be handled by engine itself.. this is basic even in webcoding to limit user inputs to some reasonable value.
  58. [22:59:15] <VanessaE> even my big screens could only hold about 4k or so I guess (at a readable font size)
  59. [22:59:29] <VanessaE> pitriss: so limit the length of a single chat message?
  60. [22:59:58] <pitriss> yep thats good because burst of messages is not so easy to do..
  61. [23:00:17] <sapier> ok you guys discuss about a reasonable length first ;-) don't make it to short
  62. [23:00:25] <sapier> and don't forget clients can still send oversized messages so this will reduce load but not fix all issues
  63. [23:00:52] <sapier> burst messages are quite easy to do
  64. [23:01:30] <sapier> if someone can send a 9k message he can send 90 100byte messsages too
  65. [23:02:58] <sapier> but as I said fixing both of this issues in lua is possible by now too
  66. [23:03:13] <-- sol_invictus has left this server (Ping timeout: 260 seconds).
  67. [23:03:46] <-- Miner_48er has left this server (Quit: Leaving).
  68. [23:04:12] <pitriss> eh this guy did that by typing IMO.. there are two typos in that...
  69. [23:04:30] <-- Calinou has left this server (Ping timeout: 250 seconds).
  70. [23:04:45] <sapier> typing?
  71. [23:04:52] <VanessaE> well anyways, that link is the patch I was referring to.  dunno if it's still any good.
  72. [23:06:30] <sapier> discard huge messages without any action? strange behaviour who's supposed to ever find the bug why messages above 1024 don't work?
  73. [23:06:43] <VanessaE> sapier: see the chat log.  that's the same argument that was made at the time.  Why didn't anyone just take the code, make it right, and push it?
  74. [23:07:04] <VanessaE> doing this in a mod is stupid and hacky.
  75. [23:07:36] <sapier> because sometime ppl refuse to clean up the mess others do ;-) .. well shadowninja does usually complete at least those parts of his work he's interested in
  76. [23:08:13] <pitriss> ok i will tell sol to try that patch.. i hope it will be still valid
  77. [23:08:18] <sapier> but looking at current pull list he's got a lot of 90% compelte things there
  78. [23:08:30] <VanessaE> cg72: still wanna rework the tree code? :P
  79. [23:08:56] <VanessaE> pitriss: I already suggested via /msg that he throw together a mod to do the job for now
  80. [23:09:13] <pitriss> ok thank you:)
  81. [23:09:48] <cg72>  VanessaE yup its in progress why?

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