Smart women–who I also hear are not hot

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  9. As for the percentage of guys working in these fields, it’s getting larger every day, thanks to the T.
  11. 66J September 4, 2010 at 7:09 pm
  12. @Dilithium
  14. J, does this include competent scientists, engineers and computer programmers?
  16. My husband is an executive in the finance industry. His job includes interface between IT guys, corporate clients and financial institutions. That’s not quite being a computer jockey, but it’s not being a rock star either. I was once engaged to a PHD candidate in molecular biology, but I left the honor of being his first wife to another woman. ;-) He is currently on wife #3. Had he been a nicer man, I’d have married him. His future profession was not the issue.
  18. If I were single, I’d have no problem dating an engineer or computer programmer. In fact, I just fixed a female engineer friend of mine with another engineer, the divorced dad of one of my son’s friends. I considered him good enough for her because he’d have been good enough for me.
  20. It gets back to the question of, what really connotes attention-getting prestige?
  22. I think it depends whose attention you want to get. Serious-minded women–the sort many guys on the net feel are not hot–tend not to hold STEM jobs against men. Smart women–who I also hear are not hot–have a hard time settling for less intelligent men.
  24. My only suggestion is that STEM fields tend to be less head-butting and more co-operative internally,
  26. Cooperative skills tend to be the ones that make men good partners in relationships.
  28. So the “competence” or “prestige” distinction isn’t really independent of the “dominance” distinction.
  30. I wrote a long post over at Dalrock’s blog on this subject and he wrote a post in response to some of my ideas. Essentially, I think that for many women (like me!), the ability to dominate the environment (physical, social, business or whatever) so that it yields resources people can live off of is what’s attractive. I don’t care if a guy can win a bar fight or have “hand” in a relationship with me. That’s what I think of as “dominant.” I like men who can handle the work world and negotiate a personal relationship in an equitable way. The qualities Susan describes as being to “prestigious” men are condusive to that.
  32. 67Obsidian September 4, 2010 at 6:10 pm

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