Acknowledge, Accept, Empower and Heal.

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  9. Use the jealousy to motivate yourself to achieve what you want to with your life.  Rechannel that negative energy into positive energy, after all, if your ex can do it, so can you.
  10. Remind yourself that no good will come out of being jealous.  It is an emotion, and when you feel it coming on, take a walk, practice deep breathing or write in a journal to rid yourself of those feelings.
  11. Find someone that you can vent your feelings to without repercussions.  Whether it is a parent, therapist, coach or friend, rid yourself of the feelings by communicating them, so you can then move on in a positive direction.
  12. Acknowledge, accept, empower and heal.  These four words are the best ways to deal with jealousy.
  14. I wonder if this would work for you and your wife? If you know she won't leave the house with dishes in the sink, or the dog unfed, then help her do those things.
  16. Or maybe you do those things already. But I hope you understand what I am saying...if you work with what is important to her, she may feel she can jump in your arms when that is what you want.
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