Pain and ecstacy

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  10. Take the Taken In Hand tour
  11. Have you seen the following articles?
  12. Do you have a commanding presence?
  13. Is he one of the good guys... or not?
  14. How I turned the fantasy into reality
  15. The alpha male and masculine power
  16. The hazards of self-sacrifice and impossible standards
  17. It's sexual even when it's not
  18. Don't tell anyone I'm here!
  19. I don't want to be a servant or slave
  20. Chemistry is indispensable
  21. Who says you have to be submissive?
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  23. It IS powerful, and some women DO want that
  24. This man speaks the truth - it may not be your truth but it IS mine & it IS powerful - some women - myself included - DO want this. If you don't - ok - but understand that some of us do. I'm mighty glad this guy is still posting and I hope he continues.
  26. by a Taken In Hand reader on 2004 Sep 3 - 17:48 | reply to this comment
  27. I'm completely vulnerable - and want to be!
  28. I agree. I am very glad that he wrote this article because it expresses exactly what goes on with me. I'm completely vulnerable - and want to be!
  30. It's also true that it's important for a woman to be married to the right man. I believe that the best way was when the decision was not hers to make. When it was her father judging the man and deciding about him.

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