How do you meet American men for fun?

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  10. I used to always think my phone game was on point.   I mean, all I did in the evenings in high school was spend all night on the phone with chicks.   Even in college, I did a lot of talking on the phone with chicks.
  12. Get off the phone with one, then call up another one…
  14. But, it does provide it’s difficulties.
  16. I’ve never been one to leave messages, and I still don’t like to for some reason.  I’ve gone back and forth on that this year, with calling chicks and leaving simple voicemails like the one found in Bang, to leaving no messages to just texting chicks instead.
  18. Honestly, I still don’t know which way works out best…  it’s starting to look like it’s the texting.
  20. Texting has the highest chance of a response (probably because it takes less effort on the girl’s part).
  22. But, I’ve always been partial to talking on the phone…
  24. So, I still generally call a chick after I get her number.  Usually I call them right when I get their number, so they can have mine as well.  Then, I’ll call them a couple of days later to re-engage.  Some of them answer or call right back and every thing is fine.  The problem here is, when they don’t answer or call back…. then, what should I do next?   Text them in a couple of days or something?
  26. And, then, half the time when I do get a chick on the phone, they’ve got friends talking around them, or a TV or radio blaring in the background that I can’t even understand half the shit they’re saying when they’re trying to hold a conversation with me.  It really makes phone game tough when you’re not sure you have the chick’s full attention AND when you can’t even hear the shit she says and you have to ask her to repeat herself.

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