feminine response to being conquered by man

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  18. My man is not afraid of this pushing and testing. He revels in it, expects it. I doubt very much he would want a woman who does not double check what he is doing. I think it makes my submission to him as a leader in our relationship all the more sweet. If I just mindlessly followed him, if there was no challenge, how special would that be? If everyone could run a marathon at the drop of a hat then there would be nothing special about the challenge of pushing oneself to the limits of your capabilities.
  20. If you do push and succeed then it makes it all the more sweet because of your hard work and the knowledge that you accomplished what many think is too difficult to even contemplate. Getting a strong willed resistant woman to submit to you as leader in your relationship is a challenge too. Only one for people who do not expect everything to be handed to them on a platter. The challenge, the overpowering me, is all part of the dance Mike and I do.
  22. This is a very powerful piece of writing Sarah. You have captured in many ways how I feel about submission to Mike and how Mike feels about and leads our relationship.
  24. Take care,
  25. Tevemer
  27. by Tevemer on 2005 Jul 5 - 16:40 | reply to this comment
  28. This Is Taking A Woman In Hand
  29. Miss Cavendish, as a male reader and long time lurker on your site, I think this is the best posting on Taken In Hand. This is what a woman should be in my opinion and there *are* men like you describe. I am one of them. My son is another.
  31. JS
  33. by JS on 2005 Jul 6 - 14:01 | reply to this comment
  34. The real reward

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