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  1. Můj dotaz ohledně prekompiled 64bit debianího ryzom serveru + sehnání offiko dat...
  3. [09:34] <Zelenavoda> Hello
  4. [09:35] <Zelenavoda> Is it somehow possible to get x64 debian compiled ryzom server and official data(map, NPCs, quests,...)?
  5. [09:37] <Zelenavoda> debian 7 to be more specific
  6. [09:38] --> ThibG has joined this channel (~ThibG@85-171-223-56.rev.numericable.fr).[10:25] <zerotacg> no, you can't get official data[10:26] <zerotacg> only the source and assets are open source, not sure if there is pre compiled binaries for the server
  7. [10:26] <zerotacg> there is everything needed to set up a minimal server with sample data afaik
  8. [10:28] <zerotacg> and tools to create your own data

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