About male bashing

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  1. https://usacraiglist.sellerconnect.de/
  2. https://usacraiglist.seniorencentrum.nl/
  3. https://usacraiglist.sieraad4you.nl/
  4. https://usacraiglist.sonasi.nl/
  5. https://usacraiglist.startentree.nl/
  6. https://craigslistusa.startring.nl/
  7. https://usacraiglist.startupdate.nl/
  8. https://usacraiglist.time2surf.nl/
  10. I mean, what do you do? Lots of people are standing around, you can't hear shit, and most of the girls wouldn't dance with me.
  12. There were the small two to five group of girl friends dancing by themselves... But I don't know... I didn't go for the girls in the groups.
  14. I know I could have put myself in the mindset to ask any girl to dance, but I didn't want to look desperate, going around, asking every girl for a dance. Of course, I could have gotten a few dances anyways.
  15. I know you said it's hard for young guys to game and shit... But, I'm not even trying that. All I want is to fucking dance at a club; I came there to do that. I think a lot of these girls, since they're young, think they're the shit and won't give up dances because they're the shit.
  16. I mean, it seems like fucking stupid games to play for something so feeble.
  19. First, I usually wait for some kind of eye contact or sign of interest from the girl before I go extending my hand. And I usually talk to her before I move to the dance floor. Night clubs are strictly about visuals, and I can guarantee that you aren't dressed in the high caliber that I mention time and time again. You say that you're a tall good looking guy, so you should have no problems.
  21. I'm sure all of the women aren't dancing by themselves. At the very least, you could pay attention to the guys who are getting girls, to see what they're doing right. Also, I bet you're going in at a very low energy level. Very unattractive in a night club.
  23. I believe I have a very recent story up where I taught a guy how to go after groups of women in loud nightclubs. I'm not going to keep spoon feeding you, but look at that story and see if you can catch on to what I did.
  25. Hey I know this might be strange but Ilooked up your number b/c I need your help understanding this Mode One shit. I got desperate and looked you up specifically b/c I see that you understand it well, as I've seen you show on forums.This Mode One shit has no structure to it and no wayto really carry it out in real life situations. PLEASE HELP!!! (FRUSTRATED MODE ONE USER)
  28. This was sent via text message. No clue how he found my cell phone number.
  30. Hey man,

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