20 somethings or even 30 somethings

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  10. 4. Re being approachable, see above. You're wrong about beautiful women not being approachable. Guys think that women will only go for a less hot guy if he has money or status. Not true. I've seen girls get really into guys without either, because they looked for and found other qualities in him. Like humor, self-confidence, kindness, intelligence, creativity, loyalty in relationships. Guys don't want to believe this. They think the Beta has no shot. Wrong. Game won't get you anything real. Being real will get you something real. By the way, because casual sex is so readily available, most guys with options are more reluctant to commit. This scarcity of relationship opportunities means that women (even beautiful women) will have to cast their nets wider. Hence the increasingly popular term: Boyfriends are ugly.
  12. Your real advice is right on. I've written about the best way to meet new people (see How to Find a Great Guy) – it's to pursue your own interests, get out of the house as much as possible, maximizing your number of interactions per day. And take that cell phone off your ear. We're on the same page there.
  14. 13Dashiell aka The "Y" October 22, 2009 at 4:53 pm
  15. Hey Susana,
  17. I really appreciate your response to my post. I apologize if it had been a little crass. I didn't take time to read more than this article before posting my response to those four points of advice.
  19. To touch on your first response, with regard to waiting, I find it very interesting that you acknowledge the biochemical preconfiguration of women (girls) to be hormonally and reproductively active mid-puberty. This could be the subject of a very interesting article, as I forsee the politicization of 'age of consent' and 'gap between childhood and adulthood' culminating in a pervasive societal dialogue, drawing upon human biology, the history of marital conventions, zoology of human-like species, agency of young adults, and of course countered with just as many arguments and evidence points around nuclear family politics, socio-religious conceptions of decency, the notion of proper edification and child rearing. Unfortunately I imagine that things will get worse before they get better, with horrendous stories of perverse injustices, and the draconic punishment of benign transgressions. Where the chips will fall is anyone's guess.
  21. And to your second point. This one had me excited to reply.
  22. One invites getting played by presenting a fear of getting played with helpless or futile gestures of chagrin.
  23. Let's say a guy talking to a lady, in a sex environment (bar), just picked up on an indication that this lady thinks he's hilarious. This guy is now confident that this lady will giggle through the entire telling of his favorite recollection; he's in the driver's seat, she's on board: he's psyched. Figuring that attraction is not an obstacle at this point (either they are both attracted to one another or have qualities of the nature you mention in paragraph 4), his main focus at this moment is to stroke his ego by eliciting forth her adorable smile (doesn't matter if she's hot or not, we adore making the ladies smile) and he likely has the intention of taking this conversation, evening, night, weekend, relationship, as far as she's willing to go.

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