Online Singles VS Offline Free Dating

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  12. I’m already 2 days in, so I figured I’ll start with a week and see how I feel about continuing from there. I’ve abstained for periods of one week before, but never for much longer than that. From my experience the first week gets pretty tough around days 4 through 6, but my horniness tends to teeter off after that. I definitely agree with the idea that you need a “loaded gun”. I am a fairly good looking guy and in pretty good shape. My problem with women comes from my sheer social ineptness. I can definitely be awkward sometimes, mostly around people I don’t know well. Because of this, I have minor anxiety, and don’t open conversation as much as I should. This is killing me! I’ve never been the type who could just start a conversation with someone I’m not comfortable with, without sounding like I’m forcing it. What’s worse is I am completely aware of this as it is happening. When I have abstained from masturbating, I have noticed some of the positive effects of this “no fap” experiment before, but am interested in seeing the effects when I take the whole thing more seriously. Since I’m a student, this should impact me on many levels. I expect my confidence to increase in these next few days as my testosterone builds up, and with that I expect my game to pick up as well. I will also keep notice of my workout intensity when I go to the gym, and my level of focus when studying or in lecture. One of the reasons I posted this is to ensure that I make at least week! and probably more. This thread is awesome! and I hope to contribute to it after seeing how this goes
  14. Ed April 6, 2013 at 10:22 am
  15. The only purpose fapping has in my view is stress release and to prevent shooting too early with a women. After three days I start getting the loaded gun feeling, and the interactions I have with women are much more genuine and there is a real feeling of connection during the interactions. The beauty of it is I want to approach and it is not something I am forcing on myself.
  17. Mattias April 6, 2013 at 11:16 am

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