most shocking ways possible

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  10. Because I admitted to drinking in college, you somehow find justification to compare me to this girl and insist that I must have large amounts of "chutzpah" to see myself as anything different. You don't consider the fact that your criteria(drinking in college) would paint the vast majority of my male peers with the same brush(thus making it very much mainstream). Most guys on campus go out on weekends and drink, and try to find female company when they can. This is a well known fact.
  12. You then insist that "their attitudes"(read: people like Moe) are not mainstream or common. But you say I'm like Moe…and the behavior you use to justify that claim(that I drank) is pretty common and mainstream.
  14. Interesting argument you have there.
  16. Too Tall Jones says:
  17. April 27, 2010 at 6:16 pm
  20. Because they don’t want to be sluts alone.
  22. —–
  23. Hmm, a very powerful observation. In essence you are saying that deep down, ultimately, although they dismiss it with sneers, the women you mention are ashamed or feel a stigma, despite the brave, brazen face they put on it. What better sway then to alleviate and soften the sting by dragging other young women down alongside them? If all are sluts, then I won't feel so bad. A damming indictment indeed and I think true.
  25. What would be interesting is to look at the IQs of these women. They do not appear to be dumb, but smart people. The promiscuous and affluent Monica Lewinsky if I recall was no dummy, having graduated from the well regarded Lewis and Clark College. HBD types are always singing the virtues of high IQ. But don't these women prove that high IQ is no path to virtue? That rather it can be associated with the deepest corruption? It was high IQ Germans after all that brought us the Holocaust. Eastern Europeans have higher IQs on the average than people in sub-Saharan Africa, but have the world's leading rate of child killing (to use a bit of inflamatory language) – Russians kills 2 babies in the womb for every live birth for example. Gays are another example. Some hold that there is some evidence that gays post higher IQs on the average than straights. (James Weinrich, (1976). Human Reproductive Strategy. HARVARD UNIVERSITY DISSERTATION. p. 203-05) But if so, who is in the forefront of the destructive redefinition of traditional marriage but higher IQ gays?
  27. Again, the pattern keeps repeating itself. Higher IQ are not at all associated with more virtuous or more moral outcomes, or indeed even more common sense outcomes. Hence these high IQ 30-somethings are delivering sexual decadence and disease to a new generation of younger girls- hardly a way to build a positive society.

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