nothing crazy about dating

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  10. 17Susan Walsh May 22, 2010 at 8:20 am
  11. Seriously, stories like this make me crazy, and I hear them all the time! Let’s face it, this guy pretended he was emotionally available. All the quotes you shared were meant to make you feel that this is not just a random hookup, that he has been wanting something real with you for a while. So he’s all about it for one night and then goes cold? Player douchebag. Seriously, ass-clown is too nice an expression for this guy. My advice is to have zero to do with him. Don’t give him attitude, just be 100% indifferent, and fake it till you make it if you have to.
  13. Isn’t into hookup buddies? Even that is too much commitment for him! You need to run 60mph in the opposite direction from this guy!
  15. 18LeslieL August 12, 2010 at 1:47 am
  16. Hi Susan!
  17. I hope you are doing well, I am still loving your blog and stop by often to keep myself up to date… please keep it up! :)
  18. I know it has been a long time coming but I am officially back to my old situation again. As per my whole ordeal with “summer fling guy” last year, after writing to you I didn’t contact him or see him ever since September. I didn’t deal with the situation very well for several months afterward and just felt really jaded, just because I thought we had something special that could very well lead to something more. It just stopped and I had such high expectations of him.
  19. Around November I met another guy through a friend of a friend, we dated for about a month but eventually it fizzled out because we had too many differences. I just gave him a chance because I thought I was wasting my time sulking over a dead cause.Throughout that whole time though I kept on thinking of summer fling guy, he was always in the back of my mind and I still missed him.
  20. Fast forward to about two weeks ago, he messaged me privately on Facebook (because I deleted him as a friend) out of the blue. He said he was very sorry about what happened between us and that he thought things moved too fast. He said he bitched out about talking about our “status”and handled it badly and the reason why he didn’t talk to me after was because he thought it would be weird. Then he told me that he hopes we can be friends.
  22. One thing came to mind after I read that, “WTF?!?!?!” I just don’t understand why he is apologizing now, almost a year after. Needless to say, I sat on it for a couple days before I replied to him, keeping it short and sincere: “Hey, thanks for letting me know. I appreciate that you told me that. I don’t want to bring up old scars but I don’t know about being friends.” He replied right away saying he understood and that he knew he acted like a jerk and just wanted to apologize. I haven’t replied back.
  23. I know I told him I don’t know about being friends, but I honestly still want to remain in contact with him, even though I know it wouldn’t be good for me and would most likely hurt me. I feel like I am so tempted to call him to hang out, or message him back to make plans. Do you think he is just back in summer mode before he goes back to school and that is why he messaged me to apologize? I don’t know why he took so long to realize this and apologize to me…Is this stooping very low?

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