Dating Single Men for a New Day

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  15. Once you have picked your mate and left the group, there is no reason to impress your superiority on others except the one you left with, with an individual you are being judged by your personal intimate demeanor, not your public presence,
  17. Public dominance will get you the hit, but it wont get you to first base when it's time to get personal.
  19. Alpha males in public can win almost any woman's interest and curiosity, and occasionally get you to an intimate level with her but in general most women look upon it as a turn off once the crowd is gone. You need to stop playing to the crowd when you are alone.
  21. by Egilman on 2004 Oct 3 - 08:52 | reply to this comment
  22. i have to agree on this one.
  23. i have noticed this 'ranking order' many times while out socially, the alpha male is generally the charismatic guy who everyone wants to talk to or to know, women are attracted to him and he takes command of the room.
  25. i have especially noticed this with my husband, he has a demanding career of high position and not only does he silently command attention from everyone at work but socially too, when ever we go out he is at the center, people always want to talk to him, to be near him, he never has to make a spectacle of himself, it's as if his mere presence draws people to him.
  27. i have seen other men try to bring him down with snide comments but he usually just smirks and ignors it or replys with something that will make them laugh.
  29. i also notice women are drawn to him but he never flirts with them, guess i'm just lucky, he is polite though and that is another thing i love about him.
  31. So yes there are alphas etc and my husband is one of the alphas, he is lovely on the inside as well as outside, he is strong, commanding, dominant, handsome, educated and has class but he is also loving, kind, sincere, honest and my best friend as well as husband, not all alphas are nasty, my husband proves this.
  33. by felicia25 on 2005 Nov 23 - 09:23 | reply to this comment
  34. Becoming the Alpha Male
  35. I am just wondering if there are any techniques or things a man can do to develop the alpha male character. What is the process that he must take?
  37. Thanks.

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