Dating For Expats

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  11. I was out specifically because i was waiting for a contractor to finish the job at the house so i can pay him, and he called me and said the work was finished, so i was like damn no solid numbers just flat conversation.
  12. I decided to go to the bookstore again as it was on the way out and after walking around i saw in the corner of my eye a girl looking at housing stuff. I walked around and approached from the other side and pretended like i was interested in home improvement first talking saying “o there it is” so she didnt think i hung around for her (seen it alot where guys just hover around girls)
  13. Commented on a book she was reading and to make a long story short she came home with me. This blew my world wide open i thought the first time was a fluke but pulling girls during the day is definetely possible and i embodied that finally today. What was less amazing but stil was good was i got this girls number and she agreed to hang out with me for me to call her she wasnt working so she says she just has to pick up her daughter and shes free. So those 2 and like 3 failed conversations this is definetely a good day and hopefully inspires ya’ll to whats possible.
  15. The girl that i brought home i couldnt even have sex with. I had to throw it out there i had no condoms (even though i did) and she was like blah blah not doing it which was fine because she was dry humping me and i had so much sexual energy and tension down below i almost blew it. Not taking that chance. I actually enjoy kissing more and touching but more so now it seems without PMO. Girls definetely react differently.

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