religious concerns and arguments

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  10. A Concerned Mom says:
  11. August 18, 2010 at 5:13 pm
  12. Even in Atheistic philosophies such as Buddhism, celibacy/chastity is considered a virtue because it is the retention and sublimation of the vital source of life which if redirected toward the pursuit of liberation can result in, well, liberation.
  14. This is also the basic premise of yoga.
  16. Anonymous says:
  17. August 22, 2010 at 3:38 pm
  18. I have several issues with topics like this.
  20. If a promiscuous woman leaves doubts of faithfulness within men and have more of a likehood to cheat, then wouldn’t promiscuous men also have more of a likehood to cheat as well?
  22. The whole idea of sexual proof. Is it really about the number of sexual partners or simply the ability to attract women?
  24. Related to the above point. A common arguement in support of male promiscuity is that male chastity is shunned by women and that they prefer men with sexual experience. Why degrade yourself to the lowest common denomonator just to get laid and attract that type of particular woman?
  26. Why don’t we also hold men to a standard in not dropping their pants to any woman who spreads her legs? Why not expect them to be selective as well?
  28. Personally I’ve always found it hypocritical and a little silly for a guy to have many, many sexual partners and then call a woman a slut. I mean, who are they to judge a women for her sexual history and talk down about them. This is one of the things that drives me crazy about men and blogs like Roissy. And yes I think sluts should apply to men too.
  30. I also think that importance that men place on losing their virginity and getting laid with as many women as possible is problematic.
  32. In conclusion, I kind of see the point that Amanda was trying to make – I’ve used the same arguement myself. The word “slut” gets thrown around so much to the point that you question it’s meaning, at least in that particular instance. I mean, you can be a virgin and be called a “slut” just for pissing somebody off.

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