Never give up what you love

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  11. He said that if your husband is exhibiting any forms of erectile dysfunction or ED (translate – he’s having a hard time getting it up), he needs to see a doctor.  The deal is, not being able to get it up can be no biggie (ha!) and treated with something as simple as popping a pill.  But it can also be a sign that you are at risk of a heart attack.  Seriously!!  He called ED “heart disease below the belt”.  Evidentally, having a hard time getting it up means you are not getting enough blood to your ….. you know.  This can happen when you are stressed out, tired, OR when your blood vessels are not in the best of shape.  And since our blood vessels don’t get bad in select parts of our bodies they get bad ALL OVER our bodies this means when your …you know is not getting enough blood, your heart may not be getting enough blood either.  But, don’t freak out and think your half mast man is going to have a heart attack.  Just make sure he doesn’t blow it off.  He needs to see a doctor.  And who knows, you could be one pill away from a better sex life!
  12. After consulting with the Loveawake on this, we thought the biggest challenge was just talking to your significant other about this.  After all, this is a really sensitive issue, especially for a man and for the couple.  This whole subject is just fraught with multi-levels of complications.   Randy agrees and recommends 2 things:  First, TALK ABOUT IT!  and NO JUDGEMENT!  A good sex life is a team sport so DON’T assume he’s cheating, DON’T assume it’s you, just DON’T!  Talk to him, and as long as the previously listed DON’T are needless worry, commit to working to out together.  Second, make sure he sees a doctor.  Don’t let him ”ya ya I’ll take care of it” for months and months.  Get him to see a doctor to be sure there is nothing more serious going on.  Hopefully, he’ll come home with a clean bill of health and a prescription for a night to remember.
  13. We hope that helps.  When we answered the friend who asked this she said, “I figured as much.  It’s just nice to be confirmed.  It’s not like I can talk about this easily.”

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