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  12. Well…kinda…but not really. All the apex fallacy really refers to his the tendency to project the typical experience of those top 10-20% of men ONTO ALL MEN. So in other words, the typical college co-ed sees the team quarterback in the campus bar going home with a different girl each weekend, and says “guys can get sex easy, I see this guy with a different girl every weekend” while 80% of the guys in that bar are going home most weekend nights to jerk off to Internet porn. This actually does expand beyond just the realm of sex to things like business leaders as well. Most CEOs are men therefore it must be easy for a man to become CEO despite the fact that 99.99999999% of men will never be CEOs.
  14. Yet, how does there not exist a male hypergamy as well? Do men not sometimes hold women to higher standards (ie; won’t marry you if you’re a slut) if they want a relationship?
  16. This isn’t hypergamy. This is Badger’s Ladder Theory:
  20. To say that this ‘female hypergamy’ theory is true of all or even most women is absurd. I’m a woman, I don’t care what the hell your status in society is as long as I like you.
  22. Well…first of all hypergamy isn’t just strictly a function of societal status. Other factors can play a part as well. You say “as long as I like you”. OK, here is the problem. I suspect if you questioned 80-90% of 19,20,21 year old women who say the “like a guy”. Why do you like the guy? The typical answer will be “I dunno, I just do”. He’s hot or cool or whatever, but then if we get down to brass tacks and really deconstruct the WHY behind the liking of the guy it will trace back to some thing that female hypergamy would point to (confident, charismatic, leader of men, I could go on an on here)
  24. So please quit whining…if you want sex that badly, just buy it!
  26. Whose whining? I’m assuming this is directed at me. I have a GF so I don’t need to buy sex
  28. There are so many men not at the apex (for instance, no job, money, etc.) that can get pus*y when they want it. The don’t need status,
  30. Well…it isn’t just about job or money. A guy can have “status” without any of that stuff. This will sound like bragging, but it makes the point. I went through a stage in my life where I had no job outside of bouncing at a bar, and was dirt poor. I had girls taking me out paying for dates. But I was able to create “status” in other ways. Truth be told, for the purpose of getting women, give me either super tight game or a top executive job with a big house, and I’d rather have super tight game.

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