The Return Of The American Cockblock

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  14. A man who has a wife like this probably should "try this at home".
  16. If the woman's only mode of communication is fighting, what else is the man supposed to do? You cannot negotiate with a partner who is unwilling to talk. You either dominate, submit or leave.
  18. I applaud Alan's patience and his non-harmful tactics.
  20. BTW: His use of prayer as part of the solution was appropriate *only if* religion was already part of her way of life. Imposing religious practices on someone who does not believe in them is as abusive as non-consentual physical punishment.
  22. I'm not sure I agree on this. Driving assertively is one thing (as long as assertive doesn't me aggressive). Speeding is another. Speed limits are posted for safety reasons. A child hit at 25 MPH in a school zone is far more likely to recover than a child hit at nearly twice the posted speed. No matter how good of a driver you are, even if you drive very well and carefully fast, you can't predict what drivers or pedestrians will do. If you hit a car that cuts you off at 20 miles over the speed limit, you are going to do more damage to your vehichle and the other driver's than if you had simply driven the speed limit.
  24. I do agree, however, that "wimpy" driving can be dangerous. Drivers who are too tentative confuse the road ways. The ones that irritate me the most are the ones who don't understand right of way and become hesitant at intersections. You wait for them to go, you know they have the right of way, and at the exact moment you decide that they must be waiting for you and move to go, they practically idle through the intersection. Sure, they are trying to be careful, but the way the exercise caution puts everyone at risk. Even this though, tends to cause low speed instead of high speed accidents. If I'm going to be hit, I would far prefer it to be at a slow speed.
  26. As for how I would respond to a spouse who drove too fast, I'm not sure. I really dislike nagging, so I would probably just try my best to do the driving when we went out together, and pray for the safety of him and others when he went out on the roads alone.
  28. by cj on 2005 Jul 29 - 13:49 | reply to this comment
  29. Driving safely
  30. Driving safely means not driving in such a way as to endanger anyone including pedestrians. Speeding in 30 mph zones (in towns, say) is likely to be much more dangerous than driving at 135 mph on a motorway in the middle of the night. A good driver takes these things into account. As I understand it, there are *fewer* accidents on speed-limit-free German autobahns than there are on motorways with speed limits in other countries. It is a real pleasure driving in Germany (as opposed to driving in some other countries where the speed limits are quite low, like they have been in some parts of America sometimes) because the drivers are used to driving fast and drive much more safely and attentively than drivers in other places. Speed limits are not always about safety. If they were, there would be no speed limits on motorways in the middle of the night when hardly any cars are on the road. But let's not get into a political discussion here. ;-)

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