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  1. [21:40:18] <pitriss> Hi, please what are those chests in cottages mod? what is their purpose?
  2. [23:26:02] <Sokomine> hi
  3.  [23:27:00] <Sokomine> the purpose of the chests is to seperate the inventory of mobs. i wrote the cottages mod for houses for mobs. some chests are for private stuff a mob may have; others are for householding, others are for what the mob needs for work
  4.  [23:27:47] <pitriss> ahh so when we don't use your mobs, then they are useless?
  5.  [23:27:55] <Sokomine> that at least is the intention. right now, the chests are useless - placeholders at best

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