I’m A Call You A Chubby Woman

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  9. We have talked plenty of the practice of “acting as if.”
  11. That the only way to have what one wants, is to start by being it, which leads to doing of it (all the actions necessary to its manifestation, that is) which leads inevitably to the having of it (whatever it may be.)
  13. I can readily admit that I have been being Single, very much Single.
  15. And though I have bemoaned this state many times of late here I am still being it, still doing it… still having it.
  17. So, do I really want to change this?
  19. Recently a friend of mine KAT, feng shui expert and serious do-just-what-she-want Goddess asked me if I had written down what I was looking for in a man.
  21. I jumped to say “Yes, of course. I have a mind map called ‘My Ideal Man’ on my altar at home.” (I created this, elegant picture of my heart’s desire years ago.)
  23. Many days after KAT and I's conversation her question was still ringing in my ears (along with  my too-quick-to-be-honest response.) And what I found, after letting the question really sink in, was that I had, in fact, been delivered a perfect fit to my order form for an 'Ideal Man' only a few short weeks after my putting his form to paper. That first one has been followed by a few more, over the last couple of years.
  26. SO, WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS I DOING HANGING ONTO THIS THREE YEAR OLD ORDER FORM, as if it was a yet to be fulfilled desire?
  28. If I have had my wish fulfilled, multiple times no less, then what, you may ask, is the problem?
  30. Well, first of all, when I created this ‘Ideal Man’ portrait I did not have an ‘Ideal Self’ portrait yet. (It used to be a lot more fun focusing my attention on his qualities rather than my own.)
  32. Now I do, and if you have been following this blog you have definitely gotten the gist.
  34. Secondly, once I finally got the two of us outlined, I did not state what I would want to do with him once he arrived.
  36. Oh.
  38. Not surprising then, that those perfect fits keep on coming and I keep on staying Single.
  40. So far, I have yet to write down what I want in a RELATIONSHIP - the joining of two disparate parts to hopefully create something that in it's wholeness, of a whole me and a whole he, is more than the sum of its parts.
  42. Okay,  let's burn the last receipt with gratitude for its continued fulfillment. It’s time to place a fresh request.
  44. Now that I have a handle on these Ideals the results from the next phase is sure to be hard to top, right? We will see, we will see...
  47. Screen Shot from the Film Something New, 2006
  48. Kenya McQueen (Actress Sanaa Lathan) is finding out
  49.  if her Ideal Man (Actor Blair Underwood) is
  50. "all he's cracked up to be."
  52. Next, Ms. KAT is going to answer my questions on the subject Feng Shui, the story of the spaces we choose and the ways we maintain them, and that stories' power to attract the relationship I want in my life. And you readers, get to listen in and help keep me accountable! Thanks.
  54. PS - The image above is from one of my favorite films on the 'Ideal Man' subject called Something New. Watch it ladies and see what you learn. You could also try an Ideal Husband but that's a discussion for a different day :-)

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