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  1. 2014/04/13 02:18:55 Inokis says: You've known the people a while to be an officer i take it
  2. 2014/04/13 02:21:10 You say: errm sorry I didn't understand what you mean..:(
  3. 2014/04/13 02:21:37 Inokis says: have you known everyone for a long time to be an officer?
  4. 2014/04/13 02:22:16 You say: I'ts about Meggy's decision..:) She is guild leader:)
  5. 2014/04/13 02:23:35 Inokis says: so you haven't known everyone very long?
  6. 2014/04/13 02:24:22 You say: I'm member of guild for 5 wieeks or so..:)
  7. 2014/04/13 02:24:29 You say: *weeks

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