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  9. ok heres mine i got into with my gf who i really love. the reasone we got into a fight was because i tell her come to me with anything and i wont get mad… but she came to me acouple of times about certain stuff like she wants to hang out with her friends more cuz she hasnt in a really long time but instead of saying ya babe thats fine…. i got all mad and took it in a neg way … and also she lied to me once about something and i always bring that up when we fight i told her im srry and it wont happen…. but now i feel like things are alittle diff and dont know what to do… i just want it back to the way it was…..
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  12. March 5th, 2011 at 4:55 pm
  13. i’ve been with my girlfriend for 1 year 5 months, it was a perfect relationship until like a month ago, we wer so close and bond, we would allways look for time to be together, we go to the same university, we don’t have classes together though, but we used to look for eachother every time we had time to spare, we would allways eat together, at one oint we used to go early to school to jog together, we would make love like twice or more times a month, when we went out on weekends we would allways be together alone, she used to make cute gifts for me and all, i miss that so much, but like a month ago she told me she had to go to a reunion at a town close to mine, and she had to stay at a house with like 4 more girls and 3 guys, who she claimed, 1 was gay, and another one had a gf, so i wasnt supposed to get jealouse, but i flipped out, i totally flipped out i tried to make her feel guilty, and when she came back i had to beg her to forgive me and all, you know, no matter what we (the guys) allways have the fault. after that day the relationship changed radically, she kept beeing cute with me and all, but she stopped looking for me, she stopped finding time to spend together, when we are able to meet she would rather not, and i feel she just meets with me cause i kinda obligate her, it was all “allright” untill last thursday, i was really pissed cuz since a month ago we havent gon out and spent quality time together, and my gf told me we could go out and her friend (a girl) could join us, and i told her i wouldnt agree cuz i feel it’s not right, we havent spent time together and the day we can go out abd be by our selves she preffered going out with her friend, so i went out by my self, i got all drunk, than i decided to meet up with my gf and her friend at the bat they were at, and i gave em the dirty looks, i made my gf feel bad, i just went to bother them so mi gf left with her friend, and i left too on my own, the next morning she told me “DONT TALK TO ME” she told me she didnt even want to text me, she logged of msn, she didnt pick up her phone, i admit i sduffocated her with appologies and all that, and she just blew up and said “DONT TALK TO ME LEAVE ME ALONE PLEASE SHUT UP BLAH BLAH BLAH!” so she wont talk to me and she told nme i lost my oportunity to make it up to her thursday night, and so did i lose her, idk what to do i’m desperate, i dont wanna be without her i miss her so much please help me.

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