Ritchie's private minetest server

Welcome to Ritchie's server

This server is strictly private, and we decide if anyone get "interact" privileges. There is also whitelist mod. If you want to join us, you can ask, but if you are random stranger, most likely you will be not accepted.

We still tune mods, textures and server configuration. Ritchie does server administration, pitriss works on mods and Zelenavoda works on textures.

We are using multispawn mod created by pitriss. Idea is following: Each player should search for his land, and tell us coordinates where he wants spawnpoint. In this way everyone should have enough space for his projects. One of reasons for multispawn is to lower disk usage by loading unused map chunks.

Server is quite old, some actions makes lags: mapgen and moving big mass of water, but game is still playable though. We would like you to tell us your experiences with lags. Please don't do unnecessary lag makers.

Game server:

  • Address: ritchie.duckdns.org
  • Port: 31000
  • Server status: Not reachable


If you are interested and want to join us, you can contact us at Minetest MUC on conf.netlab.cz.

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