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jak zvětšit počet nodů

[01:29:18] <pitriss> I want to ask, is planned to allow more than circa 4k nodes?
[01:34:47] <VanessaE> yes
[01:34:58] <VanessaE> if the appropriate people will just fucking commit to it already :)
[01:35:43] <VanessaE> edit mapnode.h line 46
[01:35:47] <VanessaE> I set mine to 0x7fff but I personally think a value of 0xc000 or so is appropriate.
[01:55:05] <pitriss> VanessaE: oh thanks:)
[01:56:44] <pitriss> VanessaE: btw it is server only setting, right? So it will be possible to connect with standard client too..
[01:57:32] <VanessaE> yes
[01:57:43] <VanessaE> all modern clients can already handle it
[01:58:01] <VanessaE> anything pre-July 22 will not work though if you define more than 4k nodes.
[01:58:27] <VanessaE> (that includes 0.4.7-stable)
[02:01:37] <pitriss> ok.. i don't really care about stable clients. so it is ok for me:)
[02:01:59] <VanessaE> ok :)

Detekce vzdálenosti

[16:29:10] <pitriss> please did someone invented some quick way how to get distance of player from some spot on map? I don't want to re-invent a wheel:)
[16:30:34] <sfan5> pitriss: vector.distance
[16:30:49] <kaeza> pitriss, pythagoras' theorem, or use vector.distance(p1, p2)
[16:32:31] <pitriss> so vector.distance(coords1, coords2).. I guess coords are tables:) Thank you guys:)
[16:32:54] <pitriss> and sorry for my noobish questions..:)
[16:33:00] <sfan5> tables like {x=1, y=0, z=7}

Definice max_lag

[21:43] <ShadowNinja> Wouldn't max_lag be a better value to announce as lag than the step time?
[21:44] <sapier> Can someone explain to me what max lag is supposed to be?
[21:45] <PilzAdam> sapier, AFAIK its the time spend in Lua code
[21:47] <ShadowNinja> sapier:
[21:48] <ShadowNinja> Basically dtime that decreases only slowly.
[21:49] <sapier1> hmm ok guess we need to think about this way of determine lag later as it doesn't honor network lag

                float max_lag = m_env->getMaxLagEstimate();
                max_lag *= 0.9998; // Decrease slowly (about half per 5 minutes)
                if(dtime > max_lag){
                        if(dtime > 0.1 && dtime > max_lag * 2.0)
                                infostream<<"Server: Maximum lag peaked to "<<dtime
                                                <<" s"<<std::endl;
                        max_lag = dtime;

Další pěkné vysvětlení max_lag, by Zeno:

max_lag is kind of diffucult to explain. If you're interested in your own lag, RTT is the value you want to be looking at (not max_lag).

What max_lag (very basically) is how long the server takes to process a single „server step“ (i.e. update the environment, make new map blocks, reply to all clients… stuff like that). Let's call that server_step_time. Every time server_step_time is greater than twice the current max_lag then max_lag becomes that new server_step_time.

Once the CPU processing spike goes away the max_lag decreases by .02% every server_step (unless it goes up again) until it again reaches the „normal“ server_step time. This can take a while (maybe 5-10 minutes). So even if max_lag is showing, say, 5.6s the current server lag may be (and probably is) a lot less.

Anyway, from a client perspective RTT is the value you should be looking at, and that's for your client only. The minimum value for RTT is at least server_step_time, so it *is* kind of associated with max_lag for a particular instant but because of the way max_lag is calculated and decreased slowly it's not very well correlated at all (unless max_lag is constant).

Err, it's kind of complicated isn't it :/ max_lag is not really useful from a client's perspective at all because there is nothing the client can do about it. It's really more useful for people running a server and tuning server-side values. Even then, because max_lag is a weighted average (in effect) using a fixed value for the weight it's uses are (currently) limited (IMO)

Zálohování DB bez restartu MT serveru


btw. i just found a method to safely backup map.sqlite *without* stopping the server
create a file called „backup.sql“ and put this inside:
begin immediate;
.shell cp $HOME/.minetest/worlds/world/map.sqlite $HOME/map.sqlite_backup
then tell your backup script to execute this line:
echo ".read backup.sql" | sqlite3 -echo .minetest/worlds/world/map.sqlite
DB stays consistent and user stay logged in - they probably notice a short lag while the DB file is copied, thats all


vitaminx: doesn't rollback freeze youre server?


it gets a lock on the DB, so minetest has to wait with it's writes - thats what I mean with short lag
i will test it today, lets see if its really noticeable
having a short lag is probably still better then to disconnect all players



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