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  1. [19:46:28] <pitriss> Hi, please is possible to register new items for use in circular saw?
  2. [20:02:56] <Calinou> yes, but not trivial
  3. [20:03:18] <Calinou> I suggest you add the node to More Blocks
  4. [20:03:33] <Calinou> it should be added as circular saw material automatically…
  5. [20:03:46] <pitriss> ehh there is no any api?
  6. [20:05:01] <pitriss> AFAIR there was some way by adding item in some table.. this was removed?
  7. [20:05:06] <Calinou> there's an API which is purely linked to More Blocks
  8. [20:05:08] <Calinou> so the only real way to do it is to add the node to More Blocks
  9. [20:05:15] <Calinou> yes, for code shortness
  10. [20:05:21] <Calinou> see stairsplus/registrations.lua
  11. [20:05:37] <Calinou> and circular_saw.lua
  12. [20:06:26] <pitriss> ok... i will try..:) thank you.

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